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The Empty Tube Carriage - an alternate ending :iconsherlockfan12:Sherlockfan12 26 26
A Change of Plans
John sighed and leaned back from his computer, his stomach rumbling.  He’d been catching up on his blog all afternoon, having nothing better to do since Lestrade hadn’t even had any petty cases for them all week and Sherlock had vetoed the idea of planning a Christmas party (before he’d even mentioned it) when John had brought home a small tree a few days ago.  Writing about murders hardly seemed fitting for the holiday season, though, and John didn’t enjoy feeling like a scrooge sitting home thinking about death on Christmas Eve.  He scowled at the screen a moment and decided he ought to make a Christmas post that didn’t have anything to do with one of their cases.  His stomach rumbled again.  But perhaps after a break he thought.
John turned to face the door, but didn’t actually get out of his chair.  Sherlock had taken over the kitchen almost as soon as he’d gotten up that morning, experimenting with god-
:iconsherlockfan12:Sherlockfan12 82 48
Mature content
Johnlock: Love and Friendship Ch.6 Pirates! :iconsherlockfan12:Sherlockfan12 53 43
One Friend by Sherlockfan12 One Friend :iconsherlockfan12:Sherlockfan12 21 17
Mature content
A Quiet Afternoon :iconsherlockfan12:Sherlockfan12 48 39
Mature content
Johnlock: Love and Friendship Ch.5 Hands :iconsherlockfan12:Sherlockfan12 32 25
The Detective Groom by Sherlockfan12 The Detective Groom :iconsherlockfan12:Sherlockfan12 65 12
Mature content
Mycroft, Mistletoe, Mother, and Matrimony :iconsherlockfan12:Sherlockfan12 50 32
Mature content
Johnlock: Love and Friendship Ch.4 Breakfast :iconsherlockfan12:Sherlockfan12 42 28
Mature content
Johnlock: Love and Friendship Ch.3 Shower :iconsherlockfan12:Sherlockfan12 47 32
Mature content
Johnlock: Love and Friendship Ch.2 Blankets :iconsherlockfan12:Sherlockfan12 51 16
Johnlock: Love and Friendship Ch.1 Friends by Sherlockfan12
Mature content
Johnlock: Love and Friendship Ch.1 Friends :iconsherlockfan12:Sherlockfan12 37 11
Mature content
Fire Exposes Our Priorities: Part 4 :iconsherlockfan12:Sherlockfan12 23 16
Mature content
Fire Exposes Our Priorities: Part 3 :iconsherlockfan12:Sherlockfan12 15 4
First Date, Too Late: a Johnlock reunion by Sherlockfan12 First Date, Too Late: a Johnlock reunion :iconsherlockfan12:Sherlockfan12 160 57
Steppin' Out
                                    It's For Sure, Not For Maybe, That I'm All Dressed Up Tonight
                                                               . . . . . . . . . . .
John squared his shoulders and gave himself a curt nod in the mirror, then with one last pull on his lapels, turned round and strode downstairs, anxious anticipation jittering in his limbs.  He’d swapped his usual jumper for a tie and suit jacket tonight, and was trying to figure out just how to carry himself straight and tall without seeming too military.  
As he entered the living room, he glanced over at Sherlock, pushing back the secret wish that he would notice and comment favorably on John’s appearance.  It was silly, h
:iconsherlockfan12:Sherlockfan12 54 33

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So I know I haven't submitted anything in forever, and that I haven't even been checking and responding to comments like I would like to.  I really really appreciate everyone who has taken the time to read or comment or fave and I have intentions to catch up on all my notifications, though I can't promise anything.  Also despite not writing as much and not uploading stuff, I still haven't actually 'moved on' or lost interest.  I have still got ideas for new stories and scenes for ones I've started here going around in my head and from time to time taking a moment to work on them.  I just wish I had a time machine, or a time turner!  Evenings when I intend to write always seem to disappear so quickly with only a paragraph or so actually written, alas.  So, I'm not here to make promises I don't intend to keep, but I do want to at least let you guys know that I am in fact still alive and well, just not able to put the time into writing fanfiction that I had done previously.  I am really sincerely sorry for leaving clifhangers for you guys I hate when people do that with stories I'm enjoying so I feel super guilty about that, and do still want to continue with these, even if it takes me yet another year, sigh.....

I'm beginning to wonder if it would be worth it at all to post some of the scenes I've written which are at the moment disconnected and not completed stories, or if that would just be mean considering that I'm not likely to complete many things in the near future.  :/ 
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I'm a fangirl who loves to imagine, and sometimes write, all the many variations of scenes with my favorite characters. My current obsession is BBC's Sherlock, so mostly I'm writing Sherlock fanfictions for now.

My specialty seems to be 'how they might get-together' stories, although there are a couple of these ideas that I'm hoping to expand into little mini-series with John and Sherlock.


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Hi Nod So I just wanted to say that after recently entering into the wonderful world that is BBC Sherlock, I've been consequently scouring the internet for all things Johnlock, when I came upon this little pocket of the internet that is your account. :D (Big Grin) In the last day or two I've read pretty much all of your works, and I must say, out of all the fanfiction authors I've had the privilege of reading from, you are quite simply the best, and my admiration for your beautiful writing style is beyond comprehension. The way you delicately weave words into ways that create realistic character personalities and events and irresistible fluff is amazing. You've probably heard that a million times, but I felt I should add my small input as well.

Being new to DA, your stories have caused me to make this account just so I could read the ones you put on mature content; I really can't get enough. Meow :3 And now I feel obliged to write this comment to thank you for gracing the internet with your talent. You see, I have mild anxiety issues, but I've found that in one way or another, reading your feel-good stories seems to have an almost therapeutic effect on me when I get worked up, filling me with sheepish joy and making me smile like an idiot as only fluff involving Sherlock can do. Somehow, coming back after reading one of your stories puts me in a calm yet emotional state. So, in the least-creepy way I can make this sound, which probably won't even work considering how overly long this is, I want to say thank you for your writing, and I hope this comment made you smile as your stories have made me. :D (Big Grin) I'm eager to read more from you... oh, and I apologize for my cheesiness and lengthiness.
Sherlockfan12 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2013
hehe, no worries! I tend toward cheesiness and lengthiness myself :giggle: I'm so glad to hear my stories put you in a good state of mind :huggle: and I really appreciate you taking the time to let me know you've enjoyed them - you've made my day :love:
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